The 10 Best Sandwiches in Denver


best sandwich denver
The Frankie from Salt & Grinder


We know what you're thinking. How could we possibly narrow down a list to just ten epic sammies in the Mile High City? It was hard, a real test, but someone had to do it so that YOU can make sure to cross these bad boys off your buttie bucket list.

While we probably left out a couple fan-favorites (feel free to scold us in the comments below), here are our 10 favorite sandwiches, in no particular order, in Denver and where you can get 'em. Is it lunch time yet?

Chicken Parm- Little Carmine's (Pennsylvania & Bayaud) 

Breaded chicken breast with melted mozzarella and marinara sauce on freshly-baked bread. 

The Cherokee- Parsley (11th & Delaware)

Roasted turkey, hatch green chiles, pepper-jack cheese, roma tomato, organic red onion, chipotle sauce

The Artichoke and Feta- Snarf's (Multiple locations)

 Artichokes, feta, mustard, hot peppers, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, seasoning and oil on a fresh baguette. 

Lobster Roll- Steuben's (17th & Pearl)

Maine lobster, buttered + griddled New England split-top roll, mayonnaise dressing

Pulled Pork- Port Side (25th & Larimer)

Niman ranch pulled pork, house-made pickes, slaw, fried onions, Duke's mayo on brioche. 

BLT- Vert Kitchen (Pearl & Exposition)

Cast-iron bacon, bibb lettuce, roasted tomatoes AND fresh mozzarella on sourdough

The Frankie- Salt & Grinder (32nd & Lowell)

Prosciutto, coppa, ham, burrata, arugula, tomato & red wine vinaigrette on grinder roll

White Truffle Egg Salad Sandwich- Masterpiece Deli (Multiple locations)

House-made egg salad (with hard boiled eggs, mayo, red onions, capers), white truffle oil and romaine lettuce on toasted white bread

Buffalo Chicken- Birdcall

Crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, bleu cheese slaw, sliced tomato

The Standard- Rosenberg's

Choice of bagel with plain cream cheese, house cured and hand sliced Gravlax, tomato, capers, and onion.


What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!  

Disclaimer: For this list, we did not consider Burgers, Gryos, or Arepas to be part of the 'sandwich' family. We therefore excluded them from this list but do find those things to be very, very delicious as well.


  • Checked to see if Parsley was on the list. It’s legit

  • Any sandwich from Brider, but especially their meatball or French dip!!

  • Fried chicken sandwich at Ad Hominem, 43 W 9th in Denver.

  • The Local and The Alaskan at Marczyk’s!


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