6-Month Feast Locally Membership

6-Month Feast Locally Membership

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Membership is valid from June 2020 - December 2020


Feast Locally is a new way to experience dining in Denver. No paper books, stamping, or 'equal-or-lesser value' anything. Just a titanium membership card that gets you exclusive offers at some of the best new restaurants in town. Yes, it's that simple. No, you won't find these offers anywhere else.

What you get:

Each month, members are presented with a curated selection of 4-5 monthly offers to dine at some of Denver's best new restaurants for a special price that no one else gets. Your total bill is 20% off and, yes, alcohol is included because you're worth it. 

These offers can be used unlimited times during the month they are featured and applied to tables of up to four people per membership card.  

Here comes the fun part. Members won't know which restaurants will be featured each month until the beginning of that month. Don't be scared! We think it's an exciting thing to look forward to each month and you won't be disappointed. 

Wait, there's more? You also get offers to some of the best wine and specialty food shops around Denver, as well as discounts to pop-up dinners, food events, and private chef services.

Simply present your new titanium membership card with your bill at participating restaurants and the discount will be taken automatically. That's it! We meant it when we said no stamping or coupon-showing madness. Just a cool, new way to explore Denver's exploding food scene. 

 A couple more things we would like you to know:

  • We're not a coupon book, we're a small-batch dining membership. The restaurants featured on the Feast Locally membership have been carefully selected as some of our favorite new spots around town that we think you will love. 
  • This isn't for everyone. We know that. If you're just looking for a cheap meal, Feast Locally probably isn't yo bread and buttah. We're chill with that.

Terms & Conditions to make sure we are on the same page:

Treat this card like a credit card. Unfortunately, we cannot replace any lost or stolen cards. Cards must be physically presented in order to redeem the offer.

Member numbers are linked to the cardholder's name. Restaurants may ask for an accompanying photo ID to confirm that the cardholder is indeed present. Cards presented without the member present can result in confiscation without a refund. Bummer dude.

Valid for dine-in only. We want you to fully-experience these restaurants so, please, no take-out orders.

Lastly, some restaurants may put a limit on how much can be discounted at one time (ex. no more than 6 people per table, or a max bill of $150). We don't foresee these being a hinderance to your dining experience, however please keep that in mind and refer to the monthly email for any special guidelines.